Safari Childcare Rathmines Créche & Preschool

At Rathmines we provide full-time care for Wobblers, Toddlers & Preschool Montessori. Part-time sessional ECCE Preschool and Afterschool care

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Wobbler Room 12 - 24 months

In our wobbler room there is a high ratio of staff to wobblers (5:1). Activities, meals and sleep times are more structured while still allowing flexibility for individual needs. Our room and activities are specifically designed around a wobblers need for experimentation and exploration. Children will usually spend about 1 year in our wobbler room.

Summer Camp

Toddler Room 2-3 Years Old

There is a high ratio of staff to toddlers (6:1) in our toddler room. The toddler room has a more structured environment with more advanced equipment. This is an age when children begin to play together. Vocabulary increases greatly and sentences rather than just words are formed. Activities and curriculums are designed around these many changes to enhance their individual development. Children are toilet trained while in the toddler room as staff and parents work together to follow the same routines.


Preschool Room 3 - 5 years

In Pre-school, children are introduced to a classroom environment. They become used to sitting at a table and concentrating for longer periods of time. The Montessori method and other teaching methods are introduced by our trained staff. Children will learn the fundamentals of reading, writing and mathematics. Our curriculum also concentrates on languages, arts and crafts, the world we live in, music, free play, cookery and personal and social development. Parents are informed on a regular basis as to how their child is progressing. In the Pre-school room children will learn the basics to more than equip them for the school environment.

Holiday Camp

Afterschool Care, Weekend & Holiday Camps for all ages

We provide Afterschool care with collection from St. Louis Primary School. Homework is supervised, a warm meal is provided. Details on Future Weekend & Summer Camps coming soon...

Actual Parent Reviews

My son Alexander started in Safari in Rathmines in September 2014 when he was 2.5. He had been in another crèche previously, however to say it was unsatisfactory would be putting it mildly. From the very first visit I have been overwhelmed by the love care and professionalism of Gill and all her staff. On our first visit, we were show every square inch of the facility. There was not a single room we went into that at least one of the children didn't run into her arms to be smothered with kisses. In every room the children were being cuddled, snuggled, engaged with and loved by the staff. The building is new, and the interior has been carefully thought out with the needs of the children to the forefront. It has both internal and external play areas. The baby room is lush, with a separate sleeping room which would move you to tears it is so peaceful. The wobbler room is full of fun. The 2-3 year age groups (unlike most other crèches ) are divided into two rooms to accommodate the sometimes wide physical verbal and behavioural differences between children at this age. This was a particular concern for me as in his previous crèche our sons development was not only stunted due to the failure of the management to facilitate his rapid verbal and physical development, but in fact his behaviour regressed to a considerable extent in the space of only a few weeks. Pre -school (where he is now in the loving care of Vanessa and Cliona ) is a revelation. The curriculum is child led and children centered and the development in the children both individually and as a group since July is mesmerising. Recently Alexander spent a week in hospital, and on his return the girls and children held a "Welcome back from hospital party " on his second day back,with a cake freshly baked by Lorraine. Ah Lorraine. .......what can I say? Her food is amazing, fresh, flavoursome, and fantastic. She is warm, playful and loved by staff, children and parents alike. The ultimate compliment that I can pay came from Alexanders sister and friend (who were 6 at the time, and VERY mature girls ) when they viewed Safari with me. Having spent 90 minutes or so getting into every nook and cranny of the place they both solemnly announced as we were leaving that "we wish that we were young enough to go here ". At the end of the day, Gill, Karon and all the staff have developed a community feel within the crèche, which extends to the parents and siblings of the children which I have never encountered before and which I am grateful for every evening when Alexander announces "Mom, I had a really great day today " . Can't ask for more.

Anastasia W. 12/04/2016 |

Cannot give these guys any less than 5 stars - I wouldn't use it otherwise! The crèche is relatively new to Rathmines, and a welcome addition as it is very competitively priced - for three full days per week it sets us back €565 per month. This is a lot of money, but as crèches go in Dublin, I think this is very well priced. The building itself is newly built and very clean. Safety is top priority as all doors have magnet locks and you cannot access unless they know you/are a parent etc. The staff are amazingly friendly and reassuring and really hands on with the kids. The crèche is on three levels, accessed by either stairs or a lift. They have a really cool wooden outdoor play area/jungle gym, and when it rains they have an even bigger jungle gym indoors - this is a great idea and they are lucky to have the space to be able to have both. I can't fault these guys here as our son loves to go - so this is testament enough that it is a great place for kids! Great for working parent heads, I need a break during the day heads, and I need a great crèche on a budget heads!

John James B | 11/7/2014 |

Our daughter has been at Safari in Rathmines for the most part of this year. She has been tremendously happy during her time there. The building is custom built, state of the art, secure, bright, well equipped and kitted out. They have an indoor and outdoor playground incorporated into the building. The staff are incredibly friendly and dedicated. Our daughter has been in tow 'rooms' during her time, and we have had first hand experience of Joanne, Jackie, Vanessa and more recently Cliona. Every one of these girls genuinely love their jobs, it shows in how the interact and take care of the children. They are warm, caring and loving. There are plenty of hugs and affection between staff and children, as well as laughs and a real sense of fun. We had the Christmas concert yesterday. To see how much effort went into preparing the little ones, learning songs, marking costumes and learning actions. The kids were so cute and seemed really proud of themselves after their big applause. The food onsite is cooked by chef Lorraine, our child loved her dinners and told us every day what she ate and that Lorring (her pronunciation!) makes the best dinners. The centre is run by Gill, who manages to successfully balance professionalism and warmth. She is friendly and open and extremely helpful. We have had nothing but good experiences with the staff overall. I do believe that you can have the best facilities in the world but if the staff aren't right.... Safari in Rathmines gets both spot on. We're moving so today was our daughters last day. We'll be sorry not to be close enough to keep our place in Safari, it has been a truly wonderful experience. I don't usually write online reviews, but I did read tons when trying to decide on where to go, and as Safari is new to the scene I feel there might not be enought out there to point people in their direction. you won't be disappointed.

Louise C. | 19/12/2014 |



Example Menu

We take the task of nourishing children’s minds and bodies very seriously and ensure that their diet is healthy and well balanced. We provide all meals throughout the day.

Includes a variety of cereals with milk (soya milk also provided). Diluted pure unsweetened fruit juice
Includes fruit & vegetable pieces, rice cakes, cracottes, scones, yoghurts, milk or water.
(Wobbler, Toddler & Preschool Room): Beef casserole served with broccoli, carrots and potatoes. Homemade beef burgers served with homemade oven chips. Mild chicken curry with apple and boiled rice. Beef lasagne. Spanish Omelette. Fish pie. Tender strips of griddled chicken served with homemade tomato ketchup are examples of weekly meals. (Baby Room): A variety of Vegetables (courgettes, carrots, cauliflower etc.) with Butternut squash, sweet potato or cous cous. Lamb, chicken, beef and fish are included in the meals depending on age of the baby.
Consists of a variety of homemade soups and sandwiches. Oven baked potato wedges served with baked beans. Italian peasant soup served with half a soft wholemeal bread roll. Vegetable pasta salad. Macaroni cheese are examples of weekly Tea.
Snacks are important to help meet the energy needs of children and are provided as required between meals. They include pineapple chunks, soup, bananas, raw vegetable slices, apple slices, crackers, scones, cheese strings and cold meat slices.

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